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Events that strengthen your marriage

Date with Father Nate

We work with teams all over the US to celebrate marriage through inspiration and a touch of humor. These nights are designed for married and engaged couples to renew and re-energize their relationship with each other and God.


Events for the modern Christian Manager and Business Owner

AUDEO™ Masterclass

Virtuous Leadership is a gift from God and to the professional world.   Our Masterclasses take top-level leaders through three transformative phases: inventory, instruction, and implementation to create a plan of action to impact the culture they lead.


Events that inspire change in today's society


The art of dialogue has been lost in our modern culture.  People don’t take the time to listen and ask questions in a world where digital media works in sound bites. Our monthly panel discussion is 90 minutes of true dialogue surrounding deep issues.

Rise Above Group Shot

Events that help you understand God's plan for your life and what's holding you back

Rise Above: What’s Holding You Back?

Young Adults often find themselves at a crossroad.  They may have started down a wrong path, but something is holding them back from having the courage to move forward. Rise Above provides the space and instruction to cross that 1-inch gap.


Adult Adventures for every faith journey

Pilgrimages, Backpacking Trips, Retreats, Excursions, etc.

Sometimes getting out into the wilderness is just what we need to hear God’s voice.  Saint John Institute has many options from hut trips, to backpacking, to pilgrimages that take men and women out of their comfort zone to clear the path for God to speak.

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